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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Quick update on everything out here. We just climbed Mt Olympus. It was terrible, but we got some cool pics and videos. My knee is a lil swollen BUT ILL BE OKAY! Probably just some fluid or something no biggie. Gary was baptized! Really exciting. But, 2 people on date got evicted. Dont know what happened to them. Have no idea if theyll ever get baptized. Its kind of killing me... Transfers are next Wednesday. Probably staying with Horner. President Winn thinks I'm one of the few that could keep him from being trunky his last All is going well. Im working my butt off. Hopefully get a car in a week. Send a letter to you guys soon. Sorry this is short. I'm really tired and in quite a bit of pain from climbing a 4 mile trail up and then down. lol

Love you guys. :)

Elder Orr

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