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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey famiwy :)

Glad you guys were finally able to go out and have some fun now that I'm gone. Rollercoasters and all that mustve been sweet! Im really sad I missed it.HA....NOT. But wouldve at least like to hang with the princesses. I doubt anyone was able to drive the boat on that one ride like I did last time we went. All becaause of my sweet sleeveless yankee shirt. lol Yes I remember everything. haha

But all is going okay. Dennis fell off date. He's been out scalping and tracking buffalo so wasn't able to make it to church, so he's been pushed back to the 25th. But the work really isnt going too well because of my freaking knees. I feel like a bum. I can't do this physical therapy and be a missionary at the same time. It sucks. Im not really able to give the Lord my all. But I'm doing my best. Just sent an email to President Winn about everything. So we'll see what he says. But as of right now im pretty set on coming home and dealing with my knees because I AM NOT going to halfway serve my mission. I want to be able to serve with all me heart, might, mind and strength and that isn't happening We have too many golden and elect people to teach and find for me to be slowing it down. But I'm going do whatever President wants me to do and keep praying and trying my hardest to do what I need to. I just want to enjoy my mission and not endure it.

Love you all and miss ya

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