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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whatup fam.

Uhm been a pretty stressful week. Thw whole waiting to see doctors and working and hating my knees. But for the most part weve been getting quite a bit done. Been getting a lot of rediculous referrals from leadership in the wards. Hopefully should get a lot of people baptized in the near future.

Thanks for all of the knee stuff in a package. Was much needed yesterday. I was dying. Its gettin rediculous. I spent the afternoon icing and putting that icy hot stuff on it. But whatever. Still have to go out and work. But I go and see an orthopaedic doctor tomorrow at 2 oclock. So ill probably just get checked out and have an MRI set up. But who knows. I'll let ya know as soon as i can what the details of everything are. But honestly I gotta get this fixed.

But as far as the work goes. There's this family that we go and see every Monday night. They're the Taylors. They have 4 kids and they're all members. But the parents are going through the repentance process and getting back to church. Usually we just teach the kids some dumbed down lesson. But this week we just told Michelle and Seth how much we loved em and how we want to do everything we can to get there family to the temple. It was pretty awesome. We gave them a temple marriage lesson and talked about exaltation and really kinda shocked their system. So hopefully they'll get their stuff together and be in the temple in the year. Kids are the coolest. They keep asking me if i can stay my whole mission in one area or if I can take them out and do missioanry work with me. Oh and Remley (he's 5) wants to ride the train and ponies at my house in "two birfdays" But that family has been awesome. Love em so much. It's like they're family. We just joke and make fun of each other the whole time. Its soo funny.

Tell grandma thanks for the scriptures. And im sorry I gave em away. I know could of worked something else out but he's my convert gotta hook him up.

But yeah that Bishop thing was crazy. I can't believe someone would do that..Elder Burns from my district said that was in his hometown but not his bishop. Elder Holland is a amazing!!. Missionaries love him. Apparently he always gives good really good talks. I heard that talk [Oct 2009] though its pretty legit. He's so straight forward, I love it. Im so excited for general conference. Whether its at home or here. Im gonna listen to every word. Im sooo stoked. Like all i want right now is to learn. Its crazy. Read my patriarchal blessing the other day and it was way cool how much of it is right on point with me now. BUt I love ya fam. Read your scriptures.

Austin do your Duty to God and Happy Birthday, Priesthood holder now bub, respect it, and serve. We only have it so we can help others. Like dad always says "Remember who you are" your a deacon now and "you have more authority than the kings of the earth" Better look sharp when your passing and I'm sorry I couldn't be in the circle. I missed not being there for ya bubba. But you got a lot more important things that i wont miss. Reallly looking forward to sitting in Priesthood with you, Dad , and grandpa. Gotta a lot to teach you. Keep ya head up and drop some bombs on em this season. Love ya Little Man.

Meggie glad i got something from you. You, Shelbz and Syd are all my best friends. Love you guys like crazy. Keep up the riding. Just diont get bucked off! Your story was crazy. Need to take it easy sis. Specially since your half the size you used to be. Hardlt will take anything to buck you off now. You looked great when i saw you sis. Keep up the good work!

Shelbz. Please just keep killin it in basketball. You can be the best player on the court if you just let yourself. Relax and be confident.

Sydney!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your letter was awesome ya big goober! I love gettin stuff from you. Miss you so much. Hey...was that you? Did you stink up my package? You BIG stinker!!! haha Love you Sydney and hope you dont kiss any boys at school. lol

Love you guys!!

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