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Sunday, May 15, 2011

April 18th, 2011


Glad to hear you enjoyed all the letters. It was really cool. Not much has happened this week. Kind of slow. We only have 3 people left to teach after all these baptisms. But for the transfer Elder Wiehl and I have had the most baptisms in a transfer this stake has ever had. The record was 7 and we had 10 in the 6 weeks. Very exciting. Real happy with how i'll be leaving the area. Transfers are in 2 days. I know I'm leaving for sure. Elder Wiehl will more than likely be staying and training again. President told me I would finally be Senior Companion. Way excited. Last two weeks have been tough. I'm ready to be running the show again. It's been hard to take a backseat to Wiehl, because we have similar teaching styles and both of us like to lead. So I've been sitting the bench most lessons. Horner and Sharp never really cared about teaching so I always did the majority of it. So I'm excited to be running the area again after being retrained and getting my stuff together. Things are going real well. I'll give you ALL the details on transfer, my new area, and my new companion next week. Im way tired and want to go chill on Pday. We got some ropes and have been roping Elders with them. Have had so much fun this transfer with Elders Burkard and Wiehl. Theyre like the only normal missionaries out here who arent aspiring to leadership or that are being disobedient. So kind of a bummer to leave when they're both staying. But it's all good. It'll all work out either way. :)


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