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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whats up fam?

Been a good week in the field. Had my first legit lesson where I was all on my own and no Papa Horner to back me up. Went really well and Gary is still on date to get baptized on the 31st! Other news in baptisms: Jessica is like a 25 year old we found who we will put on date on Friday. Then we got a referral to a mother who wants her two children baptized now that she is getting a divorce from her non member husband! So not a big deal or anything but we're going to have either 8 or 9 baptisms my first transfer. Depending if we can get Rusty to gain a testimony of the BOM. But my first transfer Ive baptized more than my trainer ever has in a transfer. Before this his best was 6. So I'm way excited and working hard. I know numbers arent what its about but it really is. Especially in SLC. Its what keeps me going so i gotta keep track of the numvbers so im working hard.

I've been making tons of great friends out here. I can spend 3 hours on exchanges with a missionary and already feel like we're great friends. Its amazing how quick we become like brothers out here. The guys in my zone our by far some of my best friends. Now that I'm on my mission I know what a REAL friend is. Cant wait to chill with them after the mission. But im having a lot of fun with them. In other news im turning into a big girl...all my caluses on my hands are gone. lol

Needs: At some point in the future not a big deal obviously but if you could send somehow some Joe T. Garcias Salsa it would be great. We eat nachos for lunch a lot and its just not the But thanks for the music and everything else you are sending. Cant wait for next Monday. :) Been pretty busy. So the personal letters will prolly slow down. But ill try and keep you guys

Saturday is Pioneer day so we get to go downtown and street contact for most of the day then have the night off to do what we ant basically. Apparently its basically just a big mission party downtown and not much tracting or contacting happens so im really excited to chill and not I need a break from the sweating and heat. Papa and I got really sick and dehydrated last weekend for a couple of days. Being sick on a mission blows! No xbox or movies to watch. haha

But love you all a lot. Doing a lot of work and getting some mad blessings for the fam. Been learning a lot too.

Elder Orr

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