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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gary is getting baptized in 3 days. So I'm way excited. He's the first one that we've found and then baptized. The others were people the other missionaries found. So this one means a lot more to me. He's amazing. He might have a stronger testimony than But we had this zone role play thing where we were practicing this contacting tool and Horner was with the ZL's and long story short they love (I feel like I just get on her and brag to you about how good I am. But I dont make this up like when I talked about how good i was at But They told Horner that I'm way ahead of the other greenies and that I have "a different confidence about me" lol Which was cool. I still like hearing that im actually a missionary and doing good. It still kind of blows my mind.

But we also had our interviews with the Mission President and he told me that he was sticking me with Horner again next transfer because he needs me to keep him in shape his last transfer and keep from not working and getting lazy AND that I need to learn how to be a leader from him next transfer because "The time for me to be a leader is fast approaching, because its apparent to him that I'm a leader of men" lol Like its crazy how well things are going right now. So next transfer I'm gonna learn how to be a district leader from Horner and then probably be one in a transfer or two. :) But way excited to stay with him and to have a car next transfer.

OH and when ever we walk around town were constantly honked at. So like always i turned to wave to whoever had just honked at us and this chick screamed and flashed us out the window of her car.haha The people of Salt Lake love Crazy woman...

But thanks so much for the package. Its been awesome having the music and new bracelets and ties. I really like them. Just waiting for today to get some chips to enjoy my salsa. Almost ate it by itself yesterday. We've officially ran out of food.haha But were having fun coming up with stuff to eat. Should be able to see Meg and Shelb on Saturday so excited to see them. And i'll get some stuff to you guys soon. Ran out of stamps earlier in the week so gonna try and get some today along with a haircut. My hair is getting long again. I hate it.

Everything else is going really well. Dad, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one working my butt off. But still so excited to not be weedeating. Haha Hope everyone had a good summer and is ready for school. Tell Austin he better have is stuff together and get straight A's. If he wont listen to you guys just tell him I did and that as a representative of Jesus Christ he better listen to me. lol Love you guys.

Elder Orr

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