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Friday, February 25, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hello fam

I answer all your questions then give ya the new info.

Havn't got my package yet. Been freezing tho. lol A WML gave me a coat because he was mad that I was walking around in a suit. I'll probably get it this thursday tho. We have a new mail rule that is kind of dumb but I guess its just another way to follow a rule and be blessed. We get mail picked up by ZLs on Thursday, DLs give it to us Friday. But we can't open it until Pday. It's pretty stupid but I successfully did it this week. :)

Awesome it would be sweet if she played somewhere. Needs to go to UVU with her bubba. :)

But the work we are doing is amazing! We have a standards of excellence out here. That is a big deal if you get it and we just blew it out of the water. Have dad compare them to his missionaries back home.haha 2 baptized. 1 confirmed. 10 investigators with a baptismal date. 15 lessons with a member. 7 to sacrament meeting. 5 new investigators. And its about to get even crazier. Found a family with 4 kids. all unbaptized for some reason. But the girl got her personal progress on Sunday. lol So she should be ready. I'm up to 12 baptisms now in the 19 weeks ive been out. :) We had Reanon get baptized last night. (I did it) Then her brother and her two friends wanted to be baptized. It was awesome. Then on Saturday Aris was baptized and his family stood up and thanked everyone in spanish for all that they did and how proud they were even though they aren't members YET. But the spanish elders will teach them. And on top of this we're in Magna. Magna is like not a good place to serve. Elders use Magna as a replacement swear word. lol So not only are we tearing it up. But were doing it in an unlikely area. Ive been completley exhausted the last week. Aris caught me sleeping in sacrament meeting and wont stop giving me a hard time about it. But I'm still working very hard. We have zone conference tomorrow so I'm way excited for the day off and to hang with President Winn.

Love you.
Elder Orr

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