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Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Alright So I'll be accepting applications for the best mission in the world, because I'm pretty sure Utah Salt Lake City Mission is hands down the best. :)So check this....I spent all weekend at conference by the reflection pool and going to most of the sessions in the Conference Center. I got the Presiding Bishop to come to my stake conference and have a special meeting with my investigators. I'm baptizing a lot, and living in amazing basements with members who have homemade bread ready for us every night when we come home. Then after a weekend like that we have 3 baptisms Sunday at 6. (Solid German family) Then we went and said a prayer in the car and in 2 hours found a family of 4 to teach and put one more person on date, to hit our goals and get the Standard of Excellence for the 3rd week in a row and it's our 5th baptism in 4 weeks. So this mission is obviously the best. :) I still wonder what I did to deserve the blessings I'm receiveing. Still can't believe I'm in this mission. I walk around temple square and am just in awe of how lucky I am to be serving here. Hands down the best.

We were stranded on temple square in the rain Saturday night. Had no ride home to West Valley so we stopped this Tongan. He was headed to Provo, but he took us anyway. Gave the four of us a ride AND bought us some 5 Guys (burger place) on the way there. It was an awesome night.

Conference was amazing though. Recieved some revelation on some things I've been thinking about lately. It was awesome. During Elder Scott's talk, I believe. But it blew my mind. Holland tore it up, but I'm gonna have to say Uchtdorf's talk in Priesthood, for the second conference in a row, was my favorite. Every time that guy opens his mouth its like he's talking to me. It was great. But the most spirtually on fire I've ever been at conference, besides Priesthood Session with dad when I was 12 at the conference center. That was when Elder Holland said "One way or another the voice of the lord WILL be heard!" It was great.

But I was thinking about it and I'm pretty sure when I went to priesthood with dad and we sang We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet as the closing song. It was when Hinkley was sick so it was a little cooler. But im gonna put that on the board of the moment I knew the church was true.

But I love you Momma thanks for the package and the card. The stuff was perfect. I love getting the Oklahoma jerky and cookies. I miss Oklahoma a lot. But You're the best mom. I'm really thankful for you and dad the more and more I'm out. People out here do a pretty bad job raising their kids most of the time. And I am sooo blessed to be your son.


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