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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 14, 2011

Lots of good things are happening in my life. I think I'm really being blessed for the trials I've gone through so far on my mission. Transfers were amazing. We had 2 members of the 70 come and speak, as well as the mission presidency. I was crying the entire time. President Winn said a lot of stuff that really lit a fire in me. I can't remember much of it, but the spirit was so strong the whole meeting and I'm just so excited to go and work. Winn promised us that if every missionary was meticulously obedient and dilligent that we would have 3000 baptisms this year. The goal originally was 2600. We're so excited. Were actually the only mission that has increased in baptisms so far in Utah. President Winn said those mission presidents don't get it. lol He's awesome. I'm really developing a love for him and I'm so glad hes my mission president. We had interviews a few days before transfers and we were able to have a good talk. I didn't feel like I had everything in the work and needed to step up my game. So I am! After I found out who my new companion was and realized who my new leaders were, I went and gave President Winn a big hug and thanked him. He just said the same thing hes been telling me since I got here. "Prepare yourself Elder Orr" So I am! Just gonna do what that guy says. He's amazing. He couldn't have put me in a better situation this transfer.

Elder Wiehl is my new comp. He's been out 21 months. From Mesa, AZ. Amazing missionary. Was a Zone Leader awhile back, but trained and is now with me. I feel like I'm finally being trained lol It's great. We're getting so much stuff done. Working really hard. He's really showing me how this whole thing is done. Definitely helping me prepare and I'm learning a lot from him. This has definitely been a humbling experience.

But the best news is that all my previous friends from my first mission that I hung out with, and were disobedient are all straight now! Everybody has kind of caught the vision at the same time and are working really hard. Most of the guys I came out with are district leaders and CWood is even a zone leader now. President Winn is doing something different with his leadership that is ingenious. He's moving young guys up as soon as they are ready and making them good missionaries. It motivates them and they learn a lot faster. So as soon as he sees you do good in one position he's moving you up. But once you hit 18 months or so he has been releasing people to train or just help out elders who need more training. It's working really well.
About to have a lot of success coming up. We set a goal for 8 this transfer!

Loove ya,
Elder Orr :)

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