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Friday, February 25, 2011

February 23, 2011

Sorry it's taking me awhile to write this week. President's Day and then I had an appointment yesterday morning so I couldn't then either. So finally on Wednesday, you can hear from me. But this week has been pretty good. We hit the Standard of Excellence for the fourth time together. Which was nice. But Elder Sharp has still had really no of late. I've just been trying my best to do my thing and help him as much as I can, but I'm not going to drag him to do the work. I'm just going to try and set an example and hope he will catch back on and refind his desire. Because, honestly, if I have to drag a companion to do something it's just worse for everyone involved. We don't teach as well because I'm upset with him, he's upset because I'm making him work, and the investigator doesn't get as much out of it. I'm not complaining, it's just another situation where I can help someone. I just hope I can help him. We kind of set some different goals for this week work wise. We are gonna let the area chill, or just only teach the people on date, and let the potential wait until next transfer or until Sharp wants to work again. I'm going to really try to help him and do what I can to get him back where he was when we were hitting the SOE (Standard of Excellence) every week last transfer. I think he's just really tired of the area after 6 months and ther leaders. I've been trying to talk to him a lot and get him motivated.

Had a pretty good talk with him last night. I asked him if he was done for the transfer or what the deal was? He said he'd have to think about it. Then he slept in till 10 this morning. I know I could get mad, start yelling and tell him what he's not doing right, but he knows what he needs to be doing. Just has to find the desire on his own. I think that's the biggest mistake leaders make out here is pushing people til the breaking point rather than just talking with them and trying their best to help them. A lot more important than a weeks worth of work. Just feel like if I can help him now it will affect the rest of his mission versus it just helping us have a better week. So hopefully it'll work out well. If not.. transfers are on March 9th. lol
But we had Joel's baptism this past Saturday. He's a 9 year old kid I talked about that was crazy and hard to teach, but he's gotten a lot better. We had been working really close with the WML, but Saturday morning we found out he didnt have a program and no one from the Bishopric was coming to his baptism. I was so mad at him but I got it figured out and Elder Sharp and I just spoke. It was really fun not having time to prepare anything and just winging my talk. I like doing that a lot more than preparing a well thought out thing. The Spirit is able to guide you a lot more. But it went really well his grandpa was able to baptize him and they had me confirm him the next morning. It was a really cool thing to do. There is definitely a different spirit about confirming someone versus a regular blessing. It was the first time I wasn't nervous about doing something like that. I love how happy the moms are after being able to do someting like that for them. LOVE IT. :)

And something that happened.. I asked Elder Sharp what he thought about my teaching style and how I was doing because I'm pretty confident in my teaching but I always want to know how I could be better. He said that I was one of the few people he knew that had a different lesson every time we met with someone. As far as totally teaching to their needs instead of having something prepared. He also said that it showed I actually wanted to help the people rather than faking my sincerity. So that made me really happy. Funny thing is that I'm only like that because when I was trained I never planned a lesson. Horner hated to plan so we just had lesson plans as we knocked on the door. But I guess it's been a blessing. Just being able to go let the spirit guide the lessons.

But the thing I'm really working on is being more humble and having more of a missionary attitude around the other elders. I'm usually joking around a lot and they get the idea that I dont care about being a missionary. But im working on it, because I definitely care about being a missionary. My favorite thing lately is that the new greenie elders think ive been out for like over a year. Its always funny. When they ask me "So how long you been out Orr? Like 13, 15 months?" Nah man I been out a month longer than you have. lol So funny. But things are going great. Just pray for my comp. I have a feeling I will have more companions with no desire to work, and I'll have to help them. But I'm up for it. Whatever President Winn wants me to do. I do it. Except giving up DP... I've kinda having a relapse lately. :(
Love you guys.
Elder Orr

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