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Friday, February 25, 2011

February 14, 2011

Hey fam

Yeah I know. Pretty crazy im 20 now. lol Even crazier that I've been out 6 months. Kinda crazy. Stuff is going to get real, really quick when i get home. lol Still think im supposed to be a kid sometimes.

Yeah ive been doing better with the mission stuff. I have interviews this Friday with President Winn so hopefully they will go well. I have a lot I want to talk to him about. Probably be bumped up to Senior next transfer. Maybe train. Who knows. I don't really care, I just hope im blessed enough to just train and be able to baptize my whole mission.

But transfers will be on March 9th. I will definitely be getting a new companion and staying where I'm at. But yeah if you have any questions about anything just e-mail. I know I'm not the most detailed with stuff. I know I haven't told ya much bout my comp area or stuff. So if ya got questions ask me. I know mom always has them. But things are going pretty good. Not much happened this week again. Just been going to the important appointments and staying in besides that. Sharp is having some problems. I dont know what's going on. But hopefully it will get better this week. When we were first together I would just make him work but it just made him hate everything and now were actually getting along pretty well. He's just been having a lot of depression and anxiety problems and his medication makes him tired and hasnt been working I guess. Can't blame the guy for it. He wants to be working most of the time but just hasn't been able to. I am pretty excited to get a new comp. But it's been pretty good with Sharp.

Birthday was really good though. Members hooked me up really well. I got a cheescake from a family. Then had a birthday dinner and cake with the Taylors. But work is going well. Julia and Joel will get baptized this week. They both got pushed back from the 5th. So glad theyll finally get baptized. Pretty happy. Not much to tell ya about them. Sometimes we just dont have the best relationship with the people. They just kind of see us as the elders not friends like most people. So we just teach and leave usually.

I've been better with leaders though. Weekly planning the zone leaders drilled me about why I wasn't excited about the work. idk what the deal is. I'm not an emotional person about You know this...Washington DC Still my favorite trip. haha Didn't get mad though. Just trying to be more patient and see where they are coming from.

Loving the mision though. Time flying by. So glad. Tired of counting the days earlier in my mission. But yesterday was my 200th day! lol Love you guys. Hopefully not too much complaining or anything. Sorry I do that sometimes. I get a lil excited when I start talking about stuff.

Elder Orr

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