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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 20, 2011

Things are going great. Happy Father's Day!!
This week has been wonderful. We had our two day leadership meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was so good. We have the best mission presidency you could ever ask for. The taught us all kinds of new things. I am so blessed to be in leadership. I felt pretty bad most of the time though because they kept talking about how there were 14 companions with no one on date and how that is almost impossible to do in this mission. Well.. I was one of them.... :(

So as of Wednesday night we had 2 progressing investigators, and NO ONE on date. And at the end of Sunday night. We had a miracle baptism, 3 investigators on date, and 7 progressing investigators!!! We went from the worst in the mission to one of the few to hit the standard of excellence this week! Completely Amazing. So blessed. I feel like the Lord had pity on us and gave us all this new work. lol But its so great right now. I shouldn't be saying that because my district is doing awful and my car was stolen my one of the elders in my district about an hour ago. This elder went nuts because Lameta was making fun of him. Lameta said Samoa was better than Hawaii, and the kid flipped and took my car. So everything isn't going the best, but I'm happy and that's all that matters. But I have to go and handle some stuff. haha Cant wait :)
Oh and I ran into a mom of an investigator Wiehl and I taught in West Valley City. The mom told me how her daughter didn't want to be baptized now because the new missionaries aren't taking their time with her and aren't as understanding as Wiehl and I were. Mom wants me to come and teach her daughter as soon as I can. It's a pretty sweet feeling knowing that, but I have to get the girl converted to the Church and not Wiehl and I . It is still always a blessing to hear you're doing a good job from your investigators. I miss West Valley so much. Oh and you guys too. :)
Hope everything is going good.

Brandon Thomas

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