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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 29, 2011


This week was good. I've just been busy with the district and keeping things afloat. I had a lot of issues earlier in the transfer, but Elders are really making a lot of progress. It's amazing how I'm actually able to help these guys. It's really weird when I'm talking to a former ZL that was in my zone when I first started my mission. But it's fun. I'm enjoying it a lot, giving trainings and everything.
I'm glad you all were able to meet Elder Wiehl! Just to hear some stories and talk to him. He's a really good guy. Kept me in line. lol But I don't know where the work ethic question came from.(Elder Wiehl asked where Brandon got his good work ethic from.) When I read it I was like "What work ethic?" haha jk :) But I have gotten better. I'll always remember Dad going through my binder a long time ago and finding a paper that said I admired Derek Jeter because of his work ethic and then dad got on me me for not having one and doing bad in school. So yeah.. I'm trying to step my game up and work like a Orr. :)
Next Tansfer is July 13th.
It's not official but I'm coming home July 25th next year.
Glad to hear about Austin.(Austin's knees have been bugging him. We took him in, and everything seems to be fine. He just needs to quit growing!) I was definelty worried about him. He better not be 6' 3". I can't even imagine him being as big as me. Whatever though.. he could be 6' 4". But I still don't have red hair. :)
Oh and get yourself out with the missionaries! :)
Brandon Thomas

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